Yoga Teachers Training Course (300 hours)

  • Deepen your personal yoga practice
  • Develop your spiritual, mental and physical potential
  • Learn the technical aspects of teaching Yoga for those who wish to teach Yoga as profession
  • Good for those who interested to know yoga as whole practice and theory can join this course. You don’t have to have any previous experience.

The Practice

  • Two hours of yoga practical classes twice a day.
  • Hour and half Meditation practice with chanting twice a day.
  • Teaching practice

The Theory Classes

Every day up to three hours of theory classes which cover

  • Anatomy /Physiology
  • Teaching methodology
  • Learning Asanas (postures)
  • Yoga, its history and culture
  • Eight limbs of yoga.

There is a written test which got 15 assignments as the final test and it is important for your certification.

Call us to know more about this course. Nitya-1343-558-2267

Advanced Teachers Training Course (500 hours)

This course is really fit for those who have done a yoga teachers training course and want to improve their knowledge about yoga and Vedanta. It is also right course for those who want to improve their personal spiritual practice. This course got over 500 hours of study as practice and theory. We consider and care to help everyone for their practice and to improve their theory knowledge. It is important to have the basic knowledge about yoga such as teacher’s course or intensive course with us or any one month course with any institution which nitya recognize. 

In our theory classes we cover one chapter of Yoga sutras, one chapter of Bhavad Gita and Isavasyopanishad. Please bring- Yoga sutras, Bhagavad Gita and Ishavasyopanishad.

Those who successfully completed the course will have a certificate which will be given by Nitya. There is no any test for this course. In this course students also expected to teach classes for the training purpose.

Please ask Nitya for details at (1-343-558-2267)